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Ask yourself, how many times in the past year, you have thought about your HVAC system, let alone the area of your home it usually resides... the attic or crawlspace. Now apply the same question to how many times you have paid any attention to the connected duct system. If you are like most homeowners, if your system is keeping you comfortable, you don't usually give it much thought. But that same out of sight, out of mind mentality could be costing you a lot of money each year. According to the Department of Energy, an average duct system in the United States leaks between 25-40%.

duct sealing hvac home greensboro, nc

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Your heating and air system is sized to the overall air volume of your home's air space. The return side of your system pulls a negative pressure throughout the home, and draws air from areas of least resistance. These areas include top wall plates, electrical, plumbing, and gas penetrations, recessed can lighting, fireplaces, attic hatches, HVAC chases, drop ceilings, and perimeter rim band.

Duct Sealing Solutions:

Whether your home has flexible duct or old metal rectangular duct, we have the solution for your inefficient duct system. Our object is to make your duct system work the way it was originally intended to by redirecting the air generated from your HVAC system to the areas of the home where they are needed resulting in the alleviation of air leakage into your attic, crawlspace, or basement. You benefit by lower energy bills, a much higher level of indoor air quality, and more balanced air flow throughout your home.

As with air sealing, reducing the overall leakage in your ducts carries a very rapid payback on your investment. If your ducts are severely leaky, sealing them will offer an even higher payback than air sealing, and the return on your investment could be within 6 months to a year.

Areas We Seal with Permanent Mastic Sealant:

  • All Registers and Boots leading through the subfloor
  • All Metal Duct Seams on Branch Runs
  • A-Collars (Point Where Duct Connects to Trunk Line)
  • Seams in Air Handler, Trunk Lines, and Junction Boxes

Benefits Of Duct Sealing

A properly sealed duct system can make your home safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient, while improving indoor air quality.

  • Safety - Can prevent "backdrafting" where gaseous air is sucked back into the living area by normal operation of combustible appliances.
  • Comfort - Sealing (and insulating) your ductwork can help you regulate the temperature throughout your home. For homes with hot or cold rooms, duct sealing can go a long way to evening out these extreme differences in temperature.
  • Indoor Air Quality - Holes in air ducts can allow airborne particles, chemicals and pollutants to enter the forced air system and circulate in your home. Insulation particles, dust and fumes from garden chemicals and automobile exhaust that seep into the duct system can cause or worsen asthma and allergies. Sealing your ducts can improve the quality of the air inside your home.
  • Save Money - Leaky air ducts can reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems by more than 40-50 percent. Sealing duct leaks will reduce the energy wasted by your heating or cooling system working overtime to reach the desired room temperature. You'll save money on your energy bills, and reduce the wear and tear on your equipment, which can prolong their lifespan.

The amount of energy - and money - you save will depend on the amount of air leakage you have. If your home is a newer, well-built home, your savings could be around 5-10%. For older homes, the savings can be more than a 30% reduction of heating and cooling costs. The average savings is around 15-20%.

Improving the efficiency of you HVAC System

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